Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mindless Racist Morons Do Chelsea Football Club No Favours

“I’ve half a mind to join the BNP – apparently that’s all I need.”

So said the graffiti I saw on a Hammersmith wall a couple of years ago, sharing a sentiment I share albeit with reservations that they overestimate the mental capacity required!

So when I hear that some morons have been singing racist chants in the name of Chelsea FC on a train back from Norwich I scratch my head and wonder.

Our club captain John Terry is due in court next month charged with racism. He denies the charge and vehemently protests that he is not a racist. Do the morons think they are somehow doing JT a favour?

Lots of our players are black, both the club and the fans have moved on a long way since the days when Paul Canoville was disgracefully abused by his own supporters on his debut*. Do the morons really think they are supporting the players of such a multi-racial club in their actions?

One of my best mates has a black wife. Both of them are Chelsea supporters but only he goes to games. She went twice but was put off by idiots making racist comments. Do the morons behind these chants thing this helps the club develop?

I just don’t get it. If you are really so racist that you have to sing about it on a train, why the fuck do you support Chelsea in the first place?  That’s the same Chelsea who are proudly a multi-cultural team from the planet’s most cosmopolitan city.

And if any of these morons are of the Hitler worship variety, perhaps they could take note that these days we are owned by a Russian Billionaire, the Russians being among the many peoples Hitler referred to as ‘untermensch’. I’ll leave you to figure out the translation (if you need it) and the contradiction in a Nazi supporting a team owned by such a man.

I just don’t get it. Half a mind? The graffiti flattered you.

Do us all a favour, fuck off and support another team. Or better still, go and play on a busy road.


*If you haven’t already read it, I can thoroughly recommend Paul Canoville’s biography ‘Black and Blue’ which gives a startling insight into the hurt and damage caused by these racist morons.

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